[RO UPDATE] May 4th Week

Hello AP GT :)

How was your May? How is everything going in your entity? Do you get more clarity and confidence in this month? How much do you trust your decision can make meaningful difference for the next generation?

Here is a good article for you to stay refreshed and get some inspiration for the next month, hope it will be useful when you make some last decisions for this organization :)



Unfortunately the new programs opportunity opening will not be ready on time.

For details, you check today’s global letter from Ezgi .


As mentioned in the commission call,

Pricing research — Stakeholder management — Buyer persona refreshment should be the biggest priority in this month!

If you are missing any information

  • Check global newsletter here
  • Check AP Regional commission call output here
  • Check consultancy space Q&A here


We had the second piloting call about remote feature project in last weekend.

Check outputs here.


Why attending product academy is important?

  1. Keep updated with the change in the program. Value proposition, business model, XPP, etc.
  2. Understand what needs to be covered in the product academy. Take global academy as an example for you to update your national education cycle!

Why 1920 needs to attend academy?

1.There are still some changes needs to be aligned in your rest of term: refresh persona, refresh value proposition in your entity, brand change, etc. Also will be great if you can share your perspective with 2021 in understanding the content in a more practical way, and put academy as part of transition.

First! Let’s give biggest applause to Eliazar (Pakistan iGT 2021), Arkar (Myanmar iGT 2021) finished all of the courses in product academy! For other peeps, since we won’t repeat the topics in academy, let’s catch up before APOP Summit starts!

Second! Neidy ( Malaysia iGT&iGE 1920) & Kate ( Philippines iGT 1920) are leading the progress in 1920. Good job people! For other people, let’s ensure we are catching up the timeline, so we can provide advise and have discussion with 2021 about the topics in academy.


In next two weeks, we will open slots for O2Os.

Preparation needed:

  1. Fill the GE/GT implementation tracker: here

2. Map out pre-attraction planning with 2021. aies.ec/apgtpreattraction

3.Prepare questions related to proposed topics & current GE/GT Change management challenges and settle down with coach before O2O starts.

Who & Where to book?

Please book before Friday thanks!

RM Coachee:

oGT: aies.ec/phylias

iGT: aies.ec/bookconnie

RST Coachee:


3.LC Structure change management

Based on the timeline, we should finalize the structure recommendation towards entities after OP Summit with 2021, currently we have 57% of the entities finalized the recommendation. (Check entities list here)

If you have already finished recommendation, welcome to share with us your experiences and challenges during the changes.

If you haven’t finished recommendation, here is the template you can refer to to help you organize your thoughts and move forward the progress!

Find template here: aies.ec/apgtlcstructure

Welcome to share your outputs in the O2O if you need any clarity :)

4.GCP & Learning sharing!

Check: research working file

Check customer insights survey: bit.ly/PHL-GTResearch2020




Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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🚀AP Operations Cafe

🚀AP Operations Cafe

Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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