[RO Update] Sept Newsletter

Hey MCVPs,
can you believe it’s September already?!
time actually does fly, and you are preparing for your first quarter review. And on that note, I would love to share with you an article I like a lot — What is Product Strategy?

keep in mind, review the process regularly, aspire to be better each time, but also be proud of how much you have achieved ❤

now, let’s get to the main contents of this newsletter

Live Opportunities in AP. AP GTa Opportunities are focused on Short-term BD, IT & MKT (supplying from Pakistan) & GTe Opportunities focused on long-term (supplying from Vietnam), our key players
[Left] applications applying to AP iGTa iGTe opportunities (main supply from AP & MEA); [Right] where our youth are applying to (main demand to AM & EU)

As we are working towards attraction, it is important to know the major SnDs in the region and plenary.

For iGTa iGTe: especially if you have opportunities that has been live for a while, you could consider repackaging them and promote once again to your IR partners

For oGTa oGTe: take the initiative to look for opportunities currently live / approach IR partners or any potential partners for alignment and attraction support.

Global Direction: Purpose Driven GTa & GTe
Building a GT Culture: shape process to support GTa GTe value proposition, align our membership to understand and be excited about what GTa GTe entails as well
Customer Experience Focus: we focus on shaping a better experience for our youths and partners

GTa & GTe focus:

- #OPEN & #APL peak (Constant synergy with marketing and IR partners)
- IR & SnD alignment (SnD Master: aies.ec/apgt2122master)

Project #1 Lead Nurturing:

Workspace in the coming commission call which aims to improve CONVERSION after attraction. Stay tuned to more announcements by Minnie!

Project #2 Sales Assessment Audit:

Please pay attention to the telegram group for auditing details by Angela!

VPP focus:

For piloting entities:
- #OP on website
- align with IR on attraction timeline

For probation & kickoff entities:
- Finish onboarding list (virtual standards implementation)

Projects for iVPP:

- Market Assessment: Review the effectiveness of your target market to have further adjustment
(Market assessment tool example: https://bit.ly/2X79jFs)

- National Sales pipeline: If you haven’t had your National Sales tracker, ensure you have it asap to track and predict your sales pipeline

- Sales Capabilities: Assess how your members sell the product. Evaluate the performance and focus training on a few key improvement areas that they need NOW.

Projects for oVPP:

- Marketing: Align your Marketing campaign with Global Marketing Campaign
(Global MKT Campaign brief: http://aies.ec/vppmkt01)

- Lead generation: If you have already run MKT campaign on MC and LC level, your focus this time should be SUs tracking & constantly review. If you have not started, ensure you start ASAP!

- SnD Alignment: Always align your attraction with expectations from iCX side. For those who already has the foundation, ensure you know CLEARLY how many OPs your partners will have in the next 3 weeks and when, also how your commission can capture that as soon as possible. Check it here for useful guidance from Top 1 oVPP last year https://bit.ly/3l8gUw5

Attraction GCP (iCX Vietnam): New OPENs

Achievement: 4 new openings in August

Pt #1: JD-based sales instead of field-based

Figured out that actually there is some positions in hiring market that has the high need, for example, IT positions, and not necessarily restricted in any industry, but rather there is a high need in almost all industry. Focus on the JD and offer it to different types of the company who is recruiting for that.

Pt #2: Choose the focus based on capabilities of Suppliers

Notice that most IT solutions companies would require a very high level of experience which we can not easily provide. The way to do is to shift focus into another field like Digital Marketing, Digital Service,… so that it is easier to align the requirements.

Pt #3: Understand the Decision Maker in different types of company

They figured out that with each type of company size the Decision Maker will be different. For example: For a company which has a scale of around 100–150 employees they found the Decision Maker will be Talent Acquisition Manager or HR Manager. So only when the focus is put on them, they have more results.


Use available data and insights from reliable reports for a better attraction preparation

Career Trend #1: Technology Skills Now Required in EVERY Job

Full report: https://financesonline.com/career-trends/

When it comes to Technology Skills, we always think about something advanced like Software Development, coding,…

But it is not real. Technology nowadays ranges widely from the ability to work effectively online, use different online tools to boost productivity,…

Insights for oGX:

  • use marketing content to inform your leads about this information and having nurturing activities with training
  • Equip leads with those technology skills so that they can be more outstanding in the interview process

Insights for iCX:

  • learn how to highlight our PP’s technical skill in the sales meeting as a Unique Selling Point

Career Trend #2: The difficulty to get recruited is different among different positions

Full Report: https://toggl.com/blog/career-trends-2021

Ingishts For oGX:

  • know the high and low demand positions helps you to choose the attraction focus field
  • Be aware if you are matching a position that is hard to get accepted

Insights for iCX:

  • know the high and low demand positions helps you to choose the attraction focus field
  • Be aware of supply’s capabilities of a position that is hard to get leads

Career Trend #3: The candidate screening/interviewing process is the recruiter’s biggest bugbear

Full Report: https://www.socialtalent.com/blog/recruitment/3-recruitment-pain-points-fix

Knowing how to effectively and efficiently screen/interview candidates was another pain point many recruiters raised. It would seem that in this day and age candidate screening/interviewing is viewed more as a necessary evil than as a critical skill, which is why so many recruiters find it particularly tedious.

Insights for iCX:

You might think about the way we can highlight how we can actually help them relieve those burden in the sales meeting


Always catch up with trends for both youth and employers so that we can provide relevant and up-to-date solutions for our customers

GCP from other regions: Europe

Sales performance | GCP from Turkey

  • The entity has a customized value proposition based on the country’s realities and is having routine analysis to stay up to date.
  • Booking meetings and participating the sales meetings with the companies are criteria for performance measurement in TM to increase engagement.
  • The entity has a partnership with umbrella organizations and makes a discount to the companies that are a part of them.
  • Sales materials are open to adaptation to the LC realities.
  • There is a centralized tracking tool for the sales funnel and performance of the entity.
  • There is constant communication between sales commission and consideration commission to give the right expectation to the companies based on IR realities.
  • Each work field is tracked separately.
  • Linkedin is being used actively and the entity is sharing B2B content.
  • iCOMM and RnRs are based on the income coming from Global Talent.

September Coaching:

fill in the coaching form aies.ec/apseptcoachingform and book your respective coaches!

AP GTa GTe Commission Day:

save the date! 23 September, see you then and stay tuned for the agenda in the commission group!




Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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🚀AP Operations Cafe

🚀AP Operations Cafe

Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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