[RO Update]NOV 1st week

Hello people, how has November been for you?

October has been a month full of actions and challenges for you and me, some entities are progressing and some are still struggling to do so, either way Tune in to this song, it’ll put you in the mood to read this week’s updates and prepare for a great November.

Let’s check out some external trends that we think would become great opportunities for your entity to look into:

  1. Travel Bubble

In this article, you can find a collection of travel bubble policies that is either taking place or in negotiation. Check out if your country/city is also listed in here. if so, you can also look into taking advantage of this policy and form specific IR exchange program as well.

2. Global Virtual Internship Statistics & Insights

Partly-Remote Internship is not only a new try-out for AIESEC but also globally, in this report you can find insights of what has been youths response towards partly-remote internships, suggestions for improvement as well.

Given virtual internship is our current scope of control for at least a period of time, let’s look deeper into how to improve remote experiences:

  • touch-points with managers: Growth and Development
  • engagements are essential: even seeing people’s faces virtually is better than off-cam (you know what to recommend ;) )

So next time if anyone come up and ask about partly-remote internship, it’s PROs and CONs, you are ready to let them know the trend globally!

1. LC Structure

it’s time to have a conversation with your LCPe:

  • To achieve the goal set for 2021, how much HR would be needed for the market?
  • Review the current structure, does the HR structure able to support upcoming GTa/GTe goal achievement?

Documentation Link: aies.ec/gt-lcstructure

2. Entity Replanning

MC Replanning is upcoming, hope you are all excited about that. Below the link of the full preparation toolkit: aies.ec/replanning-preparation

1st DDL: Market Research Output by 16 Nov if you want to get external feedback during APOP

Each entity please remember to duplicate your entity’s preparation toolkit to your entity folder at aies.ec/2021replan-output by 23 Nov.

We have put all the trackers here in RO strategy tracker. Please arrange their time to update it.

1. Performance Insights

#1 GTa/GTe Opportunities Update

#2 Partly-Remote Opportunities Update

#3 Applications Update

#4 SnD insights

2. iGT Update

(1) Realisation Management (Safety Measures)

To entities that is expecting realisation this fish peak, please remember to prepare the following list:

  • prepare guideline for your EPs & Partners in case there is a COVID-wave hitting your country during realisation
  • prepare virtual on-boarding materials and engagement plans for EPs with partners

Putting safety first is the key to ensure a great GT experience.

(2) APD challenge

We have made this approval challenge for the region to move forward together, and approvals aren’t just on MC scale, but what we recognise are LC-LC partnership that are truly delivering the best exchanges through close collaborations.

No matter you did or didn’t apply for the APD challenge, below is the list please prioritise on getting APPROVALs this November!

  • Communicate with your IR partner on the timeline of when Applications would be coming in
  • [iGT side] Communicate with the Partner to speed up the process
  • Align EP’s virtual on-boarding and preparation list

(3) Sales Audit Update

If you are wondering any issue in the sales? Now it’s time to plan to understand!

Thanks for Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar filling and settle the auditing area. Before 15/11, please check with your RM coach to settle the auditing framework and expected output!

For other entities, please check your scores of auditing result and fill your focus area for evaluation in the tracker here and confirm with your RM coach for settling the auditing framework and expected output before 15/11!

3. oGT Update

(1) Qualified Lead Measurement

Finish co-creating your “Lead Scoring System” with your marketing & your network to improve your market synergy

(Check synergy meeting example from Nie & Phylias here: recording slides)

(2) Lead Update

Thank you Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan and VIETNAM for updating your current leads in the funnel, iGT take note and check them out, other oGT MCVPs, please update latest by 13/11 here.

(3) Understand your bottleneck of conversion

How often you track your conversion? Why it’s not converting?

Is that sales capacity issue? e.g. LC doesn’t know how to recommend right OPP? (Check Vy’s GCP sharing here: recording slides)

Is the lead not qualified? (Talk to your market to understand how to attract the right profile asap)

Is your IR partner not converting? (What is your IR routine? How to speed up the process in APD peak?)

(4) Realisation Management (Safety Measure)

What are the measure EP should take in order to protect the EPs & the brand of AIESEC?

Check the GCP Sharing Recording & Slides

(5) Pre-Attraction

Evaluate the current performance, define objective, timeline and deliverables of market research. Make sure you finish it by 23 Nov.

(6) Did you miss October commission day?

This is the commission call slides output, GT Common Space Recording and oGT Space Recording.

4. RST Focus Update

Surely you have met our RST before either in commission call, coaching or workshop. Not sure what they’re working on? Here’s the answer. Approach them for a conversation about any topic that interests you! ❤

LC Transition Guideline

One term’s effort is never comparable to two term’s collaboration in making your entity the strongest it has been, that is why it is so important to prioritise Transition.

Check out this tool as a guideline to plan out all the one-to-one transitions




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🚀AP Operations Cafe

Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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