[RO Update] March Newsletter

It’s March already, can you believe it?!
This month has been a whirlwind, TLC, Peak Season and Progression is all coming into place. How are you doing amongst all this? Stressed?
let’s see how we can work this out here.

1. APIP Update: Partly-Remote Extension Protocol

*Remote-Break Status on EXPA is not a break approval/realisation case to ECB/ICB, it is ONLY a status only. (it’s here for specifications)

Link to updated APIP here

CTA: communicate with your network about Partly-Remote Remote Period Extension Conditions and Protocol and implement in this Summer Realisation (if EP couldn’t reach host entity due to COVID reasons, then extend the Remote phase so a complete realisation can be achieved.

2. TLC Recap: What’s happening globally?

a quick recap of what is delivered in A2025 day and also our regional MCVP GT session recap

Check AP Output here: aies.ec/aptlc-sessionoutput
Check A2025 & Goal Launch Slides here & Portfolio Launch here

1. Regional Performance Analytics

AP iGTa iGTe Opening Progress (Aug 2020 to Mar 2021)
AP oGTa oGTe Attraction Progress: no. of OPENs (Left) & AP GTa GTe no. of applications sent/received
AP GTa GTe Opportunities Prospected Realisation Month (by which entity)

1. Timeline alignment: March should be the last month for sales and attraction. Close your sales deal and attraction events and move on to consideration phase by April
2. Check IR Attraction contribution percentage: this is the time for your IR partnerships to deliver it’s results! Check with your IR partners on applications to approvals timeline and volume! Start converting with your IR partners
3. (for AP iGTa iGTe only): push all the opportunity’s Realisation Date to June onwards if your previous Opportunity Start Date has already by-pass today!

2. AP Performance Dashboard Launch

3. Road to 200 Campaign

4. Regional Functional Summit May — Faci application

Wanna take part of preparing your successor and their peers for the next term? Apply to be Faci in Regional Functional Summit this May!

Last commission call, we downscaled the updated Supply Qualification framework, including the Qualified Lead measurement tool, find here the output of the call, and the framework on aies.ec/ogtqlm.
What’s next?
1.Compare your existing framework with the one downscaled and make a plan of changes you need to do to adapt to it. Including but not limited to synergy with Marketing, communication to LCVPs/EST, tracking routine updating.
2.Start using the output in your department and IR meetings.

April Network Services
Regular network services are back on this month after TLC, please fill in the sensing survey of this month on aies.ec/aprilsensing .
For entities receiving o2o, book Fati on aies.ec/bookfati and Sera on aies.ec/bookseraphina .

Strategies & Priorities for April
Go to aies.ec/apgt2021master to check on the priorities of April, make sure you update your progress from March too.

Transition framework
Expect a transition framework to be downscaled from RO/AI, meanwhile, if your MC team already started working on transition already, refer to this checklist from the session in TLC.




Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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🚀AP Operations Cafe

🚀AP Operations Cafe

Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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