[RO Update] June newsletters

Welcome, MCVPs 20.21 to your last newsletters (for most), and welcome MCVPs 21.22 to your first newsletters 😉

hey MCVPs, did you consider having VPP as part of the exchange program you are going to run for term 21.22?

Check this kickoff June VPP from Connie and be informed if you want to be part of the piloting scheme!

booklet: aies.ec/kickoffvpp2021jun
deadline for applications: 16 Aug 2021

Regional Performance Updates

Let’s kick off the newsletter with updates on what’s happening in operations so far. Until right now, these are the live opens we have in our region, let’s push our final approvals!

Top 3 GTa Opens: Pakistan, Hong Kong, Indonesia
Top 3 GTe Opens: Nepal, Pakistan, Hong Kong
Top contributors recognition 🙌🙌🚀🚀

For those still working on APDs, go check out R200 Auction and AP Dashboard to see the active entities and reach out to them, you can explore beyond your IR Partners!
(Both oGT and iGT) For those already approved, please check its progress and when would it be able to realise in the future.
For 21.22, use the Dashboard to evaluate previous IR relationships and plan out your upcoming plans with IR. Utilise the data to validate the accuracy of IR plans.

July Focuses for 21.22

Resources for MCVP GTa GTe:
- pre-attr & IR checklist here
- [session] align SnD
- [GCP]
iGT buyer persona India
- Market Research output
- [session] market research (iGT, BD)
- [session] persona refreshment iGT

Resources for MCVP GV:
- GV Conditions
- Risk Management Dashboard

MC 21.22 Planning

Hey elects ✌🏽 how was your planning? Or is it still ongoing?
Here are some testimonials for you.
‘’MC Planning for me went great! Despite it happening virtually and me being a bit anxious initially about how it’ll all go down, it all unfolded very beautifully! I had an amazing time with my team! I got to better understand the different synergies that I’d be having with the team as well as got a space to create my plans for the product.’’ Madhuka Pansuja, MCVP iGT, Sri Lanka 21.22

‘’My Planning days gave me an opportunity to brainstorm a way forward for myself — analyzing the past, sensing the current state and creating my plans and strategies. It was all very efficient and gave me a lot of clarity. Apart from that when we were creating our MC identity, we had some really great conversations on how we envisioned the future of our entity together as a team!’’ Jasleen Bhullar, MCVP oGT, India 21.22

MC 21.22 Planning reminders

Road to 200 campaign

check here: LINK, we’re gonna discuss further in the commission call!
The campaign is about to come to an end. Let’s check the way forward.


RO replanning: it will happen from 12 to 15 July, so our responsiveness might be less than usual.
-recording of MC 21.22 | Planning Consultancies | GV, GTa, GTe, MKT & BD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFdU4QNjBN4
slides outputs with QnA at the end: here .

Heads up for RST application

Do you want to be a part of the team that makes Asia Pacific limitless?
- Work with the AP RO and get first-hand information on the product
- Upscale your product and context knowledge
- Learn and enhance skills like coaching, project management among others
- Co-create and implement regional strategies
- Help facilitate limitless growth for the region!
RST Applications are coming soon! Stay Tuned

Words of advice from currents

Thanks, Sagar, Angad, and Lucia for these words 🥰




Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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🚀AP Operations Cafe

🚀AP Operations Cafe

Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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