[RO update] Jan 1st Week

New year, new you. Is there “I want to learn more about ___ in 2021” in your New Years' resolution?

The following article is something that triggered me to rethink what we are doing in AIESEC, and read it before you hear me out:

How to Learn Faster If You are Not a Genius

  • Choose what info we intake & what we learn: we stop ourselves from eating junk food, but knowledge and information are also food for our brain. With new and fancy knowledge, (e.g. new sales method, AI…) rethink to achieve your goal, what is the next most important thing you should learn and go deeper into discovering more
  • Connect everything you learn with motivation and structure: “I don’t know why I spent so much time on this when I look back” or “this is an alien language to me” the more knowledge we learn, the more it should pile up in my brain that allows us to do things wiser. the only way to make that possible is when we connect things we learn together so we see a bigger picture of how and what the knowledge enables us to do

With that, I hope for nothing but the best for each of your 2021 year goal of learning and constant improvements!

1. VPP Update

Waiting for VPP for a long time? On Jan 15th (a few days later), 2 testing applications and details of the timeline would be released. As well as, opening mid & long term duration research for iGTa & iGTe.

Who is fit for applying for VPP? (carefully consider this before you make the decision)

  • is VPP the only way for you to run GTa & GTe in your entity or is there still ways to run physical & partly-remote exchange?
  • do you have a sole responsible for GTa & GTe? (that is not double-role other functions) do you have 2–3 ESTs to support you on this?
  • legal research: is virtual internship allowed or is there any restrictions of foreign workers in your country
  • market maturity for virtual internship: how likely your youths/partners welcome virtual internship, is there a market there?

1. Replanning Updates

Have you just finished your re-planning? Still not concrete on your action plan? we got your back.

Replanning Output Collection (for RO feedback):
Submit your entity replanning output with this recommended template and put it in this folder; and also input your entity timeline for products

Deadline: 15 Jan 2020

2. Network Services Routine

as RO finish planning in December, here’s the new Network Services Routine that we would be having for this semester.

Months with Network Services (in this semester): Jan, Feb, April, June
W1 — Regional Update
W2 — o2o (including on-demand ones)
W3 — Group Coaching & Regional Update
W4 — Commission Call

Have you updated your progress on aies.ec/apgt2021master? Not yet? Okay, take 2 mins to complete it after finish reading the newsletter ;)




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🚀AP Operations Cafe

🚀AP Operations Cafe

Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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