[RO Update] Aug Newsletter

Hey MCVPs 21.22, Welcome onboard officially!

Are you feeling overwhelmed first week/month on-board? Never expected there are so many things that requires MC to handle? haha, we have all been there. No worries, we have got you covered.

“A good start is half the success”

let’s have some recap on global direction for GTa & GTe first!

Global Direction: Purpose Driven GTa & GTe
Building a GT Culture: shape process to support GTa GTe value proposition, align our membership to understand and be excited about what GTa GTe entails as well
Customer Experience Focus: we focus on shaping a better experience for our youths and partners

for MCVPs GV, there are a few things you have to focus on:

  1. GV Dorming
    1st grade dorming should be done by now,
    for 2nd grade dorming entities, make sure you have sufficient timeline for risk management and dorming plan to be implemented
  2. GV Audit
    ALL entities must fill in the GV audit survey
    link to audit: aies.ec/gv-audit21
    link to questions asked in audit: aies.ec/gv-auditquestions
    Deadline: 23rd August, 2021
  3. Global Volunteer Portfolio (for GV resumption)
    all entities please check out the new GV projects here: aies.ec/gv-projects21 and then prioritise reallocation for resumption.
    If you want unique projects from your entity, submit your design project here: aies.ec/project-submission

for all questions that have been asked from the network about GV, you can find answers in this centralised FAQ:

Question Submission: aies.ec/gv-questions
Answers: aies.ec/gv-riskassessment (QnA tab)

3 reasons why you should run GV resumption

(even if your entity doesn’t expect to run GV soon)

GV used to be the biggest product our region AP run, a lot has changed since COVID and it’s still impacting us today. However we won’t put GV as a product of the past. This product have changed, and so can our change management.

  1. Prepare your entity to be able to run GV once your external circumstances allow you to do so
  2. Add one more product into your entity portfolio for revenue diversification
  3. Engage your GV membership to prepare for the product

IR & SnD 21.22 Focus Launch

where’s the data for understanding what IR partner you should be working with?

the data is now available here: aies.ec/apgt2122master

data such as entities’ product focus, their sales/signup portfolio (which market they focus on), their IR partner focus and expected APDs can be found in these tabs! Happy IR!

Timeline Focus and Reminder

we have received some questions about monthly focus and how does product timeline looks like, so here’s a list of focuses for the next 3 months! Make sure you are aligned to timeline to work with the network!

RO Replanning Output link

Product Project that we would work on

you can refer to these projects and priorities of both RM as the product direction and focuses that you can expect from RO for this semester

21.22 Network Services Division

for MCVPs, we offer on-demand o2os each month, so if you have any questions, fill free to book us a slot!

good job making it to the end of the newsletter! I hope by now you are ready to rock the month forward! but before then, there’s 2 CTA to take forward:

  1. Fill in August Network Service Coaching Survey
    the survey are key questions for us to understand your context better each month, have the survey filled before meeting us in o2o/groupcoaching/commission call!
    link: aies.ec/apaugcoachingform
  2. Book respective Coaches for your network service
    book sera: aies.ec/bookseraphina
    book fati: aies.ec/bookfati
    book minnie: aies.ec/bookminnie
    book Angela: aies.ec/bookangela
    book Andrei: aies.ec/bookandrei




Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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🚀AP Operations Cafe

🚀AP Operations Cafe

Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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