[Re-planning Support] “How to ___ ”

Hello MCVPs! How’s your replanning going? Are you stuck with anything? Let us help you a little more!

Replanning can be challenging because it challenges you to figure out a direction for your entity in spite of the ever-changing circumstances. But know that, once you go through the process, you would see clarity for yourself and your entity. Trust the Process!

Let’s start with major principles of what’s needs to be included in produce replanning (if your entity is continuing exchange program for next semester):

  1. Funnel Management
  2. SnD Management
  3. ELD Marketing
  4. CXP strategies

-> Objective: Strengthening our Core Business Functions

1. “How to plan IR for Champions” — SnD Management

[for entities who have planned that exchange is still running in your entity for the next semester]

With entities changing focuses for the next semester, IR would become a new challenge for all of us, so here’s some advices coming from our side:

a. Plan out in details for how your operation would look like so you can find the right IR partner:
if you are oGX:
- which LCs are going to do oGX promotions
- what kind of profiles do you have (BA, BD, MKT, Engineering, IT…)
- how much of each profile do you expect from LC
- have a realistic timeline when leads would be arriving (and also plan out when you need the IR opportunities to be opened by that fits your attraction timeline)
if you are iCX:
- which LCs are going to do iCX attractions
- what kind of profile you would be sourcing (and expected quantity)
- what would be the usual requirements of leads
- have a projected timeline on when you would have OPENs
(we would have regional space to align SnD from January onwards, the objective is to have an overview of how many leads & opens we project to see in the region; stay tuned for that)

b. Incorporate IR to your entity’s national conference (if possible)
leave IR working spaces for LCs, if your national conference timeline works with your IR partners:
- align LC-LC timeline, quantity, profile

c. revise some past IR materials from RO before
IR Sub-package One Pager
SnD & IR for GTa & GTe
GTa GTe Current State & Way Forward
GV Current State & Way Forward
B2B & B2C Current State & Way Forward

2. “How to choose the data to analyze” — Funnel Management

Being in Operations exposes you to many different data, you should be able to prioritize which ones are more relevant to your entity’s re-planning by answering this question:

When I project the implications of the scenario on my operations, which areas are affected the most?
Which indicators can tell me the state of these areas?

Some basics ones to look into:
- absolute no. in opens, applied, accepted, approved, realised, finished & completed
- conversion rates
- process times

Set up a hypothesis that you are testing for “Why is my performance like this? is it because of ______?”

Then look into details based on your hypothesis:
- IR contributions of your applied leads/applications
- rejection rate of your applications (why is that? company communications? or profile mismatch? or timeline mismatch?)

Tools that could help you find answers: Daal, Expa & talking to your LCVPs & IR partners (they are the one who are making things happen, check with them)

3. IR based opportunities — ELD Marketing

The world will always be changing, we have to learn to how to adapt and make the most out of our external circumstances; including growing our organisation to be strongly correlated with our society and world.

Take a look at what are the existing opportunities around you, and ask yourself the following questions:

How can AIESEC leverage on the existing opportunity?

Although 2020 there’s a lot of downers, we also have a lot of new trends coming up, RCEP, digitalisation, virtual management, etc.

How to boost IR-based opportunities

Reading materials:
After Hours — Harvard business review podcast “Our Predictions for 2021”
Forrester Asia Pacific Predictions 2021
Future of Work | McKinsey & Company

4. “Set Tangible goals and how to be accountable” — Goal Settings

We all have big dreams for AIESEC, but one of the first thing is to set Tangible goals, read the following past session of scorecard, critical success factors and KPI from our alumni (the content may not 100% applicable to AIESEC today, but learn form their wisdom of how does the goal setting work)

BSC, CSF & KPI — Hans Dinata

Stephen Covey, the author of 7 habits of highly effective people, says “The week is the normal lens that gives the most manageable perspective”
Watch here how he breaks it down and explain how weekly goals and focuses help you reach your objective better.

Having questions or doubts? Please ask us on bit.ly/APMCreplanningQ
We’ll answer every Tuesday & Thursday on bit.ly/APMCreplanningA
Let’s OWN a LIMITLESS Replanning 🚀🚀🚀




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🚀AP Operations Cafe

🚀AP Operations Cafe

Monthly Regional Newsletter made for AP MCVPs Operations to get updates, learnings and recharged for the upcoming weeks

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